Continuous Improvement Software
How CIS developed

Humble beginnings

CIS is the brainchild of Peter Sanderson. His career has focused on bringing continuous improvement to corporations across North America. Looking for a better way to help clients deal with the same issues time and again across all industries, he developed a revolutionary software system to automate Quality Management Systems.

The resulting product not only manages daily tasks, but breaks down the silos allows between departments and allows the client to focus on those strategic events that increase competitiveness.

These contributions to the industry were recognized by his peers who voted him Quality Magazine Professional of the Year. You can read the article here.

CIS - Continuous Improvement Software was created to meet demands of our client's management systems in the late 1990s. It was a time when companies wanted to become ISO 9001 registered but also demanded a system that worked for them as opposed to massive amounts of paper, forms and procedures.  

Since then CIS has served clients in all industries including aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, logistics and the food service industry.

Even though earlier versions of CIS were excellent at taking the daily grind and stress out of managing a QMS, they offered limited flexibility. With an eye for continuous improvement and after a few years or so of development and testing, in 2014 the next generation of CIS was launched. This new version offers complete flexibility to modify the software to conform to individual company needs as well as the tools to build any additional databases and integrate any special processes into CIS!

Designed BY Quality Professionals FOR Quality Professionals!


Continuous Improvement Software
What's Inside the Box

CIS is delivered on-line and includes a core group of modules that conform to the latest requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14000, ISO 22000, AS 9100, FSCC 22000, HACCP and Food Safety standards. Not only will it handle your most demanding mission-critical applications, but we provide you with tools to create new databases and customize modules within CIS to match your processes.

The list below outlines the modules that come standard "inside-the-box". You can click on this link to get a PDF copy for your files. If you want a quick tour, check out the video below.

CIS comes with the following integrated applications (modules): 

  • Electronic Document Management and Approval Module

  • Nonconformity Module

  • Customer Feedback Module

  • Corrective Action Module

  • Risk Analysis and Evaluation Module

  • Food Safety and HACCP Module

  • Incident/Accident Reporting for OSHA

  • Management Meetings, Agendas and Action Items Module

  • Auditing Module

  • Calibration Module

  • Repair and Maintenance Module

  • Work Order Module

  • Vendor Management Module

  • Inventory management ( Job Release, kitting and Pick Tickets) Module

  • Human Resource and Training Module

  • Receiving, In-Process and Final Inspection Module

  • Customer Supplied Product Management Module

  • Manager Action Items Report Module

  • Customer Special Requirements Module

  • Sales and Marketing Module

  • Master Calendar of Events and Actions Due Module

  • Individual User's Home Page

  • Reports and Graphs

  • FAQ

  • Complete Help Videos and Manual

  • Complete built in Database management and creation tools including:

    • Page/Menu Management

    • Permissions

    • User Tables

    • User Types

    • Table Management and Creation

    • Field Management and creation

    • Data Type Management

    • Edit and Insert Form management and Creation

    • Report Form Management

    • User Control Management

    • Portal Creation and Management

  • and much more...

Continuous Improvement Software
Thinking Outside the Box

CIS is the most comprehensive, cost-effective Quality Management system anywhere! That's a pretty bold statement and one that keeps us continually improving our products and services to meet your needs.

Even with a comprehensive portfolio of applications, we are not happy with the status quo. We know that your business is different - you do things better than your competitors. That's what keeps you ahead of the game. Right?

While other software companies force you to conform to their modules, CIS gives you total freedom and adapts to your business processes. You can add new databases and integrate them into CIS. And because we give you the tools to do this, you are only limited by your imagination as to what inventive solutions you can develop:

  • Finally corral those rogue spreadsheets and take the best your people have to offer and make it available to everyone.

  • Stop keeping separate databases on individual work stations

  • Create repair logs for your truck fleet

  • Create and automatically send health and safety reports or food safety reports to compliance agencies

  • Track machine failures and meat time to repair

  • Monitor product development projects

  • and so much more...

To show you just how easy this can be done (and without outside programming expense) take a look at this example of a database created to track lab reports:

CIS - Continuous Improvement Software like never before!