Continuous Improvement Solutions

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it"
If it is - call us.

Using LEAN techniques we drive efficiencies to eliminate waste and streamline processes that transform your company from within.

Our unwavering objective is to build tailored processes with you and then train you to do this without our further involvement. 

Our continuous process improvement leads to Your independence.


Lean Process Design (Muda, Mura, Muri)

Waste takes many forms in an organization:
Muda - non value added work;
Mura - unevenness or inconsistency in outcomes;
Muri - overburdening of people and equipment.

We show you how to seek out opportunities to eliminate wasteful practices in your organization allowing you to do more with less and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

In western culture this approach is often relegated to production environments, but it is truly cross functional and applicable everywhere. We have uncovered some of the biggest gains by focusing on the sales and marketing department (which also happens to be one of the larger cost centers) where we help reinvent the way you interact with customers.

We are particularly fond of removing "Muda" as it pertains to paperwork and "Mura" where our standardize procedures give consistent results. This results in freeing up your people to do value added work - you guessed it - less "Muri". Our proprietary CIS Software provides a huge advantage to our clients.


Change Management (Kaizen)

Kaizen means "change for the better" and focuses everyone in the organization to continually improve their work in an organized, scientific manner. Instead of seeking to blame people for problems, we see problems as opportunities to reinvent the company and employees as your best resource to make this happen.

We take the burden of building tailored processes for you in as short a time frame as possible. At the same time we teach your team how to keep the process going. Then we get out of the way and watch you grow.

Implementation and Follow-up

We are an organization of “builders” – we don’t just provide advice, we roll up our sleeves and build the infrastructure that will achieve your goals. Our clients want their organization to be better, but they often lack the experience, time and resources to do so. We step in to take you to that next level and prepare the way for your internal team to take over.

Our LEAN Sales and Marketing techniques ensure your revenue-generating employees are working on the highest return projects to drive revenues and profits.

CIS Software removes compliance worries and standardizes workflows and mission-critical processes. It also takes a big bite out of procurement costs.

Our Process Re-Invention moves you up the quality curve and instills a "Customer First" culture that inspires employees to achieve sustainable break-through performance.

Worry-free permanent solutions

Why not let Horricks Management Group open the door to continuous improvement for you?