Contract Executives

If you are like most business executives, your “short list” of issues contains some, if not all, of the following:

  • Increasing revenues and exceeding the projected revenue plan.

  • Increasing efficiencies and effectiveness of:

    • Revenue-generating, mission-critical employees

    • Mission-critical processes and related operations

    • Customer-facing services

  • Staying in compliance; operating well within the corporate culture on critical decisions; staying on the right side of all relevant governmental regulations and the law.

  • Cutting and or containing costs and moving to predictable expenses and accurate budgets.

Our C-suite Executives have all faced similar challenges and bring years of combined experience working in many different industries to identify areas of improvement and prioritize actionable recommendations for your unique situation. 

We take great pride in our ability to find innovative solutions for you that both qualifies your potential opportunities and quantifies the positive results you can expect. Contact us today!

Business Analysis

We piece together a full picture of the current state of your management structure and processes, key performance indicators, business planning within your organization and how everything aligns to your goals.

We review your corporate objectives, evaluate what does and doesn’t work, and identify what can be improved and how.

Starting with you customers, our experts examine how you go to market, sales and marketing team structure, compensation alignment, training, forecasting ability, channels of distribution and tracking of sales activity.

Then we address your internal processes that examine how your customers’ needs are met, quality systems, human resource policies and training, lines of communication, and we check whether they are consistent, and in line with your company's overall strategy. A useful exercise that we promise will give you a lot of food for thought! Contact us today!

Business Planning

With a baseline of established metrics, we develop a roadmap of continuous improvement initiatives to drive revenue and profitability within your current structure.

Our experts identify opportunities for improvement and provide a wealth of tips on how to strengthen your business. Tools such as CIS Software can simplify your processes, manage all of your internal documents securely and drive costs down.

Then we go a step further and identify breakthrough initiatives along with a change management plan that will set you apart from the crowd.

Change is easier said than done. Our expert guidance and methodology guides you through the 20-step realignment process of planning, organizing, implementing and controlling the outcomes needed to be successful. Contact us today! 



Our experience shows that sustainable sales growth is more science than art. Using LEAN principles gleaned from decades of working with sales organizations, we have developed techniques that optimize resources, focus on high priority goals and generate dramatic improvements in revenues and profits. As experienced sales and marketing rainmakers we create a customer first culture that respects the individual and inspires teams to achieve sustainable break-through performance.

Our involvement can be as little as evaluating your current sales team and systems to running all aspects your sales team until you hire a VP of Sales (we can even help you with that).  Details we take care of include: hiring, training, running weekly sales meetings, creating a compensation plan, setting metrics and holding the team accountable. Contact us today!

Sales not your thing? We roll up our sleeves to create a high-impact sales culture allowing senior management to focus on other priority tasks and core competencies.
You have a lot on your plate - let us take the worry out of developing your sales team.