Not enough time and resources to focus on the key elements of your business? Are your mission-critical processes getting the results you want, when you want them? Are you bogged down in compliance paperwork? How about sales - are you best-in-class? If you're spending time tackling these issues, CALL US.

Is Out Sourcing for You?

Why outsource your sales and marketing process design, sales funnels, key performance indicators, roles and responsibilities, compensation plans and process review?

The simple answer is these require knowledgeable resources in their initial stages, but you certainly don't need to keep paying for that high-priced help to maintain them. 

Horricks Management Group has the resources to provide these services on a timely, cost effective basis. We consistently deliver superior value through professional advice, continuous improvement software and impeccable after sales service.

Contract Executives (for Sales and Marketing )

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Running a company is no simple task in today's economy. Many business leaders wear too many hats, taking focus away from maximizing sales growth potential.

If your sales are not headed in the right direction and your other business issues don't allow you the time to put your touch on sales, it’s time to have a chat with us about how we can help. 

Our C-suite executives are experts in re-aligning sales teams for maximum revenue growth and profitability. There isn't a sales issue we haven't solved.

Need a customer-centric plan that drives performance? Find out how we can help Simplify Your Life.

CIS Software (to manage compliance and simplify management)

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Are your documents out of control? Did an auditor find obsolete procedures or forms on the plant floor? Is your approval process out of control? What about back up?

CIS provides one integrated document management and approval process for all departments and employees.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. CIS conforms to the latest requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14000, ISO 22000, AS 9100, FSCC 22000, HACCP and Food Safety standards.

Easy to install, simple to use, on-line help every step of the way, impeccable customer support. There is simply no other management tool on the market today that approaches the value of CIS!  Learn how CIS can help Simplify Your Life.

Continuous Improvement Solutions (to Simplify Life)

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Wouldn't it be great if you could find the best solution to a problem and make sure it will never disrupt your business again?

Is there an area of the business that is consistently under-performing? Draining resources? Disappointing customers?

We work with companies just like yours to continually improve their processes and policies to effectively reflect your customer’s changing needs - it's our mission in life! Let us bring our extensive experience to the rescue and simplify your life! Find out more.

If your leadership team is concerned that your sales are not headed in the right direction – we can help. If your bottom line falls short of the mark – we can help. If your days are consumed with fighting the same old fires – we can help. If your management system is stuck in the past, it’s time to have a conversation with us about continuous improvement and total quality management systems that are just right for you. Contact Us today to establish your direction, reduce your stress and simplify your life.